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March 2, 2017
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May 13, 2017
Three Abbey Green

It was our anniversary recently so I thought it might be an idea to book a night away to celebrate it properly.  Having heard such fantastic things about Three Abbey Green from the many guests who’ve joined my tours from there, it seemed like a good choice to go with myself.  So, feeling somewhat extravagant, I decided on the Lord Nelson suite, a beautiful large room with four poster, an en-suite bathroom, a lounge area and three beautiful, large windows overlooking Abbey Green.

Abbey Green incidentally is one of the sweetest parts of Bath.  It was formerly part of the Abbey grounds until the Reformation in the 1500s and today is a quiet, pedestrianised square (well, a circle really) lined with Georgian buildings and a grassy knoll in the middle, crowned with a beautiful and elegant Plane tree, first planted in 1790, providing shade and softening the classic lines of the surrounding architecture.

Three Abbey Green prides itself on its family approach and the service provided by the staff really was warm, welcoming, informal yet attentive.  We were then shown to our room.  It was everything I hoped it to be.  As you’d expect, the furnishings have been chosen to fit in with the age of the building.  I have no idea how old the four-poster bed is but it fitted the room perfectly.  It could be a year old or a hundred.  It didn’t really matter, it just fitted and felt authentic.  The same is also true of the sofa, chairs, wardrobe and other furnishings.  Without edging into opulence, everything seemed considered, attractive and designed to make our stay as relaxing as possible.  Aside from the furnishings, it was the details that made us feel so comfortable.  Small touches like the generous collection of magazines arranged thoughtfully on the coffee table and the towels made the space incredibly inviting.

Sadly we didn’t have long to enjoy our surrounds as we were soon off out for a night of comedy at the Komedia Club in central Bath, followed by a fabulous meal at the Circus restaurant.  When we did get back – a lot later and a little sozzled – being able to fall into a huge, comfortable four poster was pretty gratifying.

The next morning we awoke with our heads feeling heavier than they had the morning before.  Both my wife and I were grateful for the modern, wet room style shower in the en-suite and the space in which we could stagger about in.  Having forced ourselves into life, we made our way downstairs.

For me, the number one factor in deciding how good a stay is, is the breakfast. Three Abbey Green do an amazing job with breakfast. Breakfast consists of a range of cereals, fruit, juices, granola and yoghurt all freshly prepared and locally sourced. However the winner is the cooked breakfast. We were provided with a range of options and plumped for the ‘traditional English breakfast’. It was exactly what you’d expect – sausage, bacon, a fried egg, beans, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato and toast.  It was exactly what I hoped for, prepared with great quality ingredients and cooked perfectly. Definitely a winner!

Three Abbey Green really is as good as its numerous reviews and awards attest, so if you’re looking for a ‘home from home’ in Bath, this really is one place you should consider.

Jules Mittra
Jules Mittra
Jules is the founder of Around and About Bath. A former History and Politics Teacher who is a keen traveller but also passionate about the Bath and its surrounding region. He is also a snake handler and rock-god (in his own mind at least).