About Us

Around & About Bath's tours are unique - some guests have described them as 'magical'. We're happy with that!

Our tours are much more than a 'tour'. We create personalized, immersive experiences for world-curious, discerning travelers looking to connect with authentic, hidden England.

As locals, we know the Bath region like no-one else. Each tour is a little like a work of art: Every aspect is carefully researched and designed to allow our guests to connect with the history, stories, experiences, places and people that make make England special. Each tour is a collection of experiences that most visitors hope to find, but few actually encounter.

Every part of every tour is designed to thrill and enthrall, and we deliberately don't tell you everything about where go, what we do and what you'll experience. The mystery and the discovery is part of the magic.

Allow our warm, passionate and knowledgable guides to get to know you over the course of a day as they take you on a journey that will immerse you in 'England'.

Get off the beaten track and away from the tourist throngs to travel through pristine countryside, sleepy towns and picture-postcard scenes. Discover forgotten stories, hidden gems, and outstanding food and drink. Connect with locals, other travelers, the landscape and the past, and leave with memories you'll never forget.

Around & About Bath began its journey in August 2016, when Jules Mittra, an avid traveler himself decided he wanted visitors to the Bath region to see the England that he knows and loves. Jules is a former History and Politics lecturer with a passion for travel, history and people, and has traveled all over the world. Having returned from setting up schools in Zambia, he decided to leave teaching and combine his love of history, meeting people and travel.

He is passionate about offering guests to Bath something different and special, and building a business that is 'values' and people first. He and his team love providing Around and About Bath's guests with one of the best travel experiences they'll ever have, anytime or anywhere. We hope that you'll also be part of our journey.