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June 12, 2018
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June 18, 2018

Journeying Behind The Façade with The Bathonian


Bath is a city filled with passionate, creative and tremendously talented people (as it always has been) and Georgie, founder of the The Bathonian, is one of the city’s finest…


Georgie from The BathonianThe Bathonian is simply breathtaking… It rewards visitors with the best insights into the food & lifestyle of the surrounding area and does so with compelling writing, stunning images and a website that could only have been designed by a true Bathonian… we can’t praise her work enough.

We decided very early on in the planning for our Behind The Façade launch week that we would love for Georgie to come along and experience our new tour. What she produced in response to her attendance, we think, is one of the best pieces of writing ever produced in response to our company (and the images too!)… We are just honoured to have had her join us for a morning that was filled with laughter, storytelling and lots and lots of smiles! Thank you, Georgie!

To read Georgie’s post Click Here or view below.