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June 7, 2018
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June 13, 2018

Hidden Cotswolds Tour Feature in Star Magazine


Our Hidden Cotswolds: Past Glories & Forgotten Stories tour is a favourite with our guests and the press… It offers a unique journey into the Cotswolds that ventures deep into its forgotten places, past & countryside, but we can’t say it has ever made it into a UK glossy magazine before… Today is that day!

Recently, we had the pleasure of taking Gemma McCartney from Star Magazine on our Hidden Cotswolds experience. We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to communicate what we do to an audience that is well known for their endorsement of experiential travel.

Here, Gemma discusses her experience of our Hidden Cotswolds: Past Glories & Forgotten Stories tour.


The full text reads:

‘Enjoy a tour of this part of the Cotswolds with local company Around And About Bath. The Hidden Cotswolds: Past Glories And Forgotten Stories trip offers a unique view of the area with friendly guides – and isn’t packed with coachloads of tourists.

You’ll walk through a quaint village, explore an ancient abbey, nose around some tiny historic churches and stop for coffee in one of England’s oldest hotels. The package starts at £175 ( and includes a pre-booked lunch.’ – Gemma McCartney