Our Approach

Guest's Experience First

Our goal in everything we do is to give our guests an experience that is way beyond what they could have imagined. We design and research every tour in incredible depth and detail - every part, from the places we visit, to the stories we tell, to the routes between each location, to the lunch stops and refreshments... so that we have the tools to deliver a meaningful and qualitative experience. However, every part is subordinate to the ultimate outcome i.e. what engages our guests most and how can we achieve that. Therefore, whilst our tours are structures, every tour is different, as our guides' management of the experience is directed by factors such as the group dynamic, the weather, and the interests of the guests.

People First

Our team members are at the heart of everything we do. We employ capable, world-curious, honest team members and explicitly put our 'people first' ethos at the core of the business. We know that if our staff are happy, supported and empowered, they will deliver the outstanding service and care we want our guests to experience. Our focus on employing people on the basis of their character and integrity rather than on the basis of qualifications or experience is critical to our mission and creation a sustainable company.

Personalised & Responsive

From first contact to last, our aim is to provide a personalised, warm and responsive service that focuses on developing and maintaining the trust and confidence our customers need in order to purchase our services and feel that they are people, not numbers. We hope that our relationship with our customers will last long into the future and approach each new customer relationship with that in mind.

Interactive / Engaging

Our services are as much about story-telling, interaction, engagement and experience as much as 'sight-seeing'. Out guiding style is conversational, relaxed, warm and responsive to our guests' needs and interests. We include hidden gems, local artisans and craftspeople, food and drink. We immerse our guests in our local culture and our delivery alters according to the guests we have in front of us.

Sustainable & Socially Responsible

We are committed to building a sustainable business. This means we are committed to building long-term relationships with our team members, partners and guests through our approach and commitment to these.We also seek to be an environmentally conscious business that is committed to minimising our impact on the environment, both locally and more widely. We will regularly review our business model and practices to ensure that we are at the forefront of efforts to create a greener, more sustainable economy and preserve our heritage and countryside.We aim to have a positive impact on everyone we engage with, including our local communities. We, therefore, will seek to use our resources to enrich those communities through charitable activities, both active and passive.