Our Values

'Around & About Bath' is a company driven by its values. Our values inform everything we do. By placing these values at the heart of our company, we believe our business will be sustainable and prosperous.

Our core values (in no particular order):

Integrity, Commitment, Communication, Co-operation, Empowerment, Empathy, Positivity and Kindness and Sustainability.

We are open-minded, inclusive and supportive. We believe in encouraging our team to excel and are committed to providing the opportunities to help our staff thrive, feel empowered and valued.

We are committed to our staff's safety and well-being. We hope our staff will never find themselves in a vulnerable position as a result of their employment, but should they find themselves in such a situation where they, or anyone around them, is at risk of physical and immediate harm, we expect them to take the actions they deem appropriate to mitigate or minimise the risk (within the boundaries of reason and the law).

We reject prejudice of any kind and have a zero-tolerance attitude towards abusive or dishonest behaviours. The success of our business relies on the commitment, integrity and cohesion of our team. We are committed to supporting our staff, hearing their concerns and empowering them to do a great job and enjoy a great work-life balance.