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February 27, 2019
Isambard Kingdom Brunel

An Evening with Travel Begins At 40

"It was an interesting and very enjoyable way to delve briefly into the local community in an unfamiliar city." - Irene Caswell, Travel Begins at 40.

Around & About Bath is a company that loves to get our walking shoes on... at all times of the day!

Exploring is second nature to us and we love nothing more than getting outside in the fresh air and exploring with our guests.

In the past local travel has tended to focus mostly on daytime activities... which is fine - we love the daytime, but there's just so many stories waiting to be discovered after the sun goes down.

Our Historic Inns, Mining & Dining evening experience is truly extraordinary. It allows guest to experience the best and breadth of quintessential English inns, pubs, food, drink and our intriguing past on a unique experience that takes you out of Bath and into the local area for an evening of stories, brews and the most amazing fine dining you’ll find anywhere in the Bath region...

That all sounds very grand, but why take our word for it? Wouldn't it be convenient if you could enjoy the thoughts of an experienced travel expert?

Well... We recently had the pleasure of inviting Irene Caswell from Travel Begins at 40 along to join us on our Historic Inns, Mining & Dining experience. Read her thoughts Here (she discusses the fabulous Royal Crescent Hotel as well!!)