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January 12, 2018
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Enterprise Feature in National Daily Express
May 2, 2018

Our Tour Preview Video Produced by Visit Bath

With the drawing of summer closing last October, we at Around and About Bath decided it would be a good time to begin thinking about what we could do in the winter that would be special, different and still allow visitors to Bath to experience the England that we love and cherish. With the weather during our winter months being not always the most welcoming, and the short days, it felt a natural fit to create an evening cultural experience.

There are so many fascinating places in the close vicinity around Bath, it seemed a natural fit to create a tour of some of the most interesting and diverse public houses in the area. And so began another round of researching stories and places, and the trialing and testing of local beers and food (it’s such a tough job sometimes!). However, despite all the country pub meals and various ales, I am extremely proud to announce our new ‘Country Pubs, Mining & Dining’ tour. It’s a unique experience that collects guests from Bath and takes them out into the local area to experience the very best of English pubs, whilst discovering some of the most amazing local stories and history, combined with drinks and a three-course dinner.

It really is something special, and as with all of our tours, I don’t want to say too much as the surprises in store are as much a part of the experience as the places, food, people and warmth that are integral to all of our tours. Fortunately, the lovely Emily at Visit Bath was able to join one of our preview tours and has made a short promotional video all about it. Take a look!

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Jules Mittra
Jules Mittra
Jules is the founder of Around and About Bath. A former History and Politics Teacher who is a keen traveller but also passionate about the Bath and its surrounding region. He is also a snake handler and rock-god (in his own mind at least).